Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

Nissan recently announced full year European sales results for 2015 (which ended March 31st).

The Japanese company happily boasted a 9.4% growth, up to record 710,321 cars sold; but our focus of course is to determine the share of all-electric models.

In case of Nissan there were 20,710 BEVs:

  • 16,916 LEAFs
  • 3,794 e-NV200
Simple math gives us aswer that 2.9% cars sold by Nissan were in past 12 months all-electric. That's roughly three per 100 sold.

One of the largest markets for Nissan BEVs are in the UK and Norway, where 5,106 and 3,520 LEAFs were sold/registered respectively (around 51% of Europe total).

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