Venucia e30 sales in China - September 2016

Venucia e30 sales in China - September 2016

A rebadged Nissan LEAF for China, offered as the Venucia e30 (aka the "Morning Wind" if you will) has not resonated well with the booming Chinese plug-in vehicle market.

The price tag of 242,800 yuan ($36,900) is simply too high for the Chinese consumer compared to what the car offers.

In 2015, only 1,273 were sold, while over the first nine months of this year 1,506 have been sold (good for around 25th on the Chinese sales charts).

The 2016 numbers are improved, as the e30 has moved outside of being available only regionally; however at the launch of the car over two years ago, Nissan said it expected to be building and selling 50,000 copies a year by 2018 - so the numbers are better, but also awful.

According to CEO Carlos Ghosn, the new answer to sell EVs in volume from the Renault-Nissan Alliance will be an affordable electric car sold, for about $8,000. Hopefully this time it won't be another rebadge...we don't need a Twizy clone for China.

"What we want to do is bring a $7,000-8,000 electric car without incentives,"

"If we are able to make this kind of breakthrough, it's going to change the game,"

source: Automotive News Europe

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