Tesla Model S With All Glass Roof

Tesla Model S With All Glass Roof

As predicted, you'll no longer find either the Model S P90D or the Model X P90D listed in Tesla's design studio as the automaker has eliminated both of those higher-end versions of the respective models.

The elimination of the P90D leaves a massive price gap between the 90D versions and the top-of-the-line P100DL versions. that gap is some $40,000 ($95,500 for Model X 90D, versus $135,500 for Model X P100DL or $79,000 for Model S 90D versus $121,500 for Model S P100DL). That gap is approximately the price of a Chevrolet Bolt.

No doubt this move will sway some Tesla buyers to fork over a lot of extra cash to get a Performance version of the S or X, but it could convince some would-be P90D buyers to move downwards to a 90D too.

In addition to eliminating the P90D, Tesla has added an all-glass roof option to the Model S.

The option costs $1,500 and likely saps a little bit of range due to the increased weight of glass compared to metal, but if you desire that "open, expansive cabin feel" then Tesla says this is the roof option you should choose.

These changes are just a couple of dozens or more that happen each and every year to the S and X. The changes are like constant rolling updates that tweak certain aspect of the vehicles on a continuous basis.

We're not so keen on the removal of the P90D (though we did predict it), but the glass roof option seem kinda nifty if that's your style.

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