Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Due to over-the-air update capabilities, Tesla can lessen the amount of cars that need to stop into Tesla service centers for quick, minor issues. Added to this is the simple fact that EVs tend to require less maintenance. However, with the Tesla Model X hitting the roads at a regular pace now, centers are getting backed up and some owners are complaining.

Tesla's President Of Global Sales, Jon McNeil

Tesla's President Of Global Sales, Jon McNeil

Tesla has publicly announced, via the Tesla Motors Club forum (via Electrek), that it has a solution to the problem. Minor car issues will be dealt with through a new "Fast lane" service.

The forum post leading to the announcement, was posted by Gizmotoy last week in the Model S discussion board. He asked:

"Anyone else extremely frustrated with getting Model S in for service?"

Within a few short days, JonMc, responded with a message, seemingly from a Tesla employee. The "poster" even offered for owners to private message him for assistance. It reads:

"We are listening. The Bay Area has been challenged and we are increasing capacity with centers, technicians and a better process to minimize wait times. We've also increased loaner availability. Each service center now has a 'fast lane' to address minor issues in an expedited way. If you are experiencing an issue that you feel needs to be escalated, please private message me here and my team work to resolve it for you. We want you to be completely happy with your service experience."

Some responses seemed to insist that the increased need for more service centers has been noted and is not yet being met. However, it was also posted that Tesla is likely reading the forums and beginning to address the issue. Others commended the increased quality of the vehicles, thus the lessened needs for service. JonMc agreed:

"Precisely. Higher reliability has made a huge difference in capacity need."

Electrek confirmed again that JonMc is, as we've known for quite some time now, Tesla's president of Global Sales and Service, Jon McNeil.

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