The XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid is Volvo's new luxury SUV, and is one of the most powerful Volvos to date. The company claims through this ad that it is the only car powered by gas, electricity, and "other cars."

Volvo XC 90 Getting Ready For Takeoff

Volvo XC 90 Getting Ready For Takeoff

What's the catch?

The company uses a unique "peristaltic system" to grab the viewers attention and show what the future may hold. The Volvo is parked on the side of the highway and plugged in. A pre-constructed system charges the car every time a vehicle drives by. There is even a light up meter showing progress, and a digital billboard thanking cars.

How does it work?

Engineers fabricated a mat to sit on the road atop tubes filled with water. Pressure from cars driving over the mat push the water and subsequently create energy to charge the waiting vehicle. It's easier seen than explained.

See it behind the scenes:

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