NASCAR and plug-in electric cars? Not likely a match today, but definitely at some point in the future.

Yasid Design created his rendered version of a NASCAR BMW i8.

The car doesn't exist in reality and is simply a mash up of a stock i8 and a more conventional NASCAR race car, but we're certain that someday we'll see plug-ins on the NASCAR circuit.


"Yasid Design takes the base BMW i8 and nearly changes the entire exterior design of the hybrid sportscar. The iconic BMW kidney grilles stay in place, along with the elongated and sleek headlights, while the air curtains at the bottom of the front fascia have been slightly revised."

"The design of the hood has also been retained, but the side of the car and rear have been revised to closely resemble the glorious NASCAR machines."

Some additional details, as well as video of how the rendering was accomplished, can be found on the Yasid Design Facebook page here.


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