The latest episode of Fully Charged covers the interesting air quality monitoring system CleanSpace developed by Drayson Technologies.

CleanSpace - Map London

CleanSpace - Map London

It relies on the CleanSpace Tag - a portable air pollution sensor (Carbon Monoxide), powered through Freevolt technology (energy harvested from GSM & WiFi). Sadly the power levels are way too small to power EVs that way.

The data from thousands of CleanSpace Tags are then send to smart phones to build a database of air quality in the city or building.

It's pretty neat to be able check the real-time air quality (Drayson Technologies is currently working to include more sensors in the device) and as it turns out - transportation is major factor of the pollution. The best proof of that is to see the difference between a crowded street and an open spaces.

Systems such as these could enable people to see for themselves the air quality in their surroundings, and also think twice about how important it is to switch to electric drive.

The CleanSpace Tag

The CleanSpace Tag

"Let’s face it, London’s air is toxic. Local councils and the London Mayor are constantly in the news about how they are working to tackle the issue and give us cleaner air to breathe… but if anything is going to work we all need to do our part too! We’re starting a new initiative called MapLondon to do just that.

We’re calling on Londoners – whether you’re part of a cycling group, running squad, community, school or family group – to help us do something that’s never been done before… create a real-time map of air pollution across London.

To do this, we want to set you (and your group, friends or family) up with our CleanSpace Tags so that you can start seeing and understanding the air you breathe, wherever you are. Working together, we will help Map London, creating a sophisticated picture of the city’s air pollution and giving everyone – individuals, schools, businesses and government – the information they need to take real action!

Whether it’s mapping the area around and in your home, work or child’s school; equipping the members of your cycling club with Tags for their regular rides and daily commutes; walking your local areas and green spaces; or working with friends to map air pollution across famous city attractions, there’s a role for all of us to play.

To get involved, fill out the short form below and tell us how you would use your CleanSpace Tag to MapLondon."

Features of the CS Tag include:

  • Integrated Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) connectivity
  • Freevolt® enabled Harvester – GSM & WiFi
  • Indoor & Outdoor Capability
  • Battery Life throughout the life of the sensor
  • Automated optimized sample rate based on mode of transport
  • Integrated notifications LED

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