Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Former Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker was interviewed by BGR following the reveal of the Tesla Model 3.

Below we've highlighted a few quotes from Fisker. For the full interview, see the source link further down below:

“I believe good design is about finding beauty — an emotional connection with the consumer.”

“I love cars, I work on all types of cars, and I still think there’s something unique about jumping into a car, hearing the gear change, feeling the interaction with the mechanics."

“As far as the pricing, I think it represents a good achievement,” Fisker said of the Model 3’s $35,000 price. “The car also looks like it will get you more for your money than from any other car that’s around $35,000. The way it sits and looks – I think it’s quite a good achievement. I also think they got right not making the car look strange. It’s a look that a lot of people feel is a good, acceptable look.

“From my point of view, it also looks like the consumer is not following the traditional buying pattern here. The traditional pattern is for consumers to almost pick a brand before they pick a car – based on things like familiarity and how established it is in the market. It’s clear from (the Model 3 unveiling) that consumers, when it comes to electric cars, they’re looking at maybe newer players that have more experience in new technology and are ‘cooler’ as a brand to be associated with and aren’t from the older car world.”

Full interview at source link below.

Source: BGR

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