Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan's senior vice-president Shiro Nakamura confirmed to Auto Express that the automaker's electric car lineup will expand to include a new crossover and even a sports car over the next five years.

Auto Express states:

"Senior vice-president Shiro Nakamura has told us that a new modular platform currently under development will be able to adopt conventional and alternative powertrains – and that this will be key to Nissan’s plan to broaden its EV line-up."

Quoting Nakamura:

“We don’t want to limit our EVs just to the LEAF, We’re the leading EV manufacturer, but I don’t think we can make it just off one EV, so we want to grow the portfolio – that’s our next plan. It could be a crossover, it could be a sports car; we see much more opportunity for EVs than just a hatchback.”

2011 Nissan Esflow

2011 Nissan Esflow

Nissan has shown several sporty and crossover-ish plug-in electric car concepts, including the Gripz CUV, the Esflow and most recently the 60 kWh IDS that strongly foreshadows the next generation LEAF for 2017.

Doing a crossover electric is easy according to Nakamura, but the sports car present more issues related to battery placement and packaging:

“For a crossover, we don’t care about floor height because the model already has a high ground clearance, a sports car you have to make as low as possible."

In addition to battery packaging, Nissan is reportedly considering a modular structure that could underpin several electric vehicles with only slight modifications required to accommodate each particular plug-in model.

Source: Auto Express

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