BYD Tang

BYD Tang

Big things are happening in China for BYD, as the company crossed the mark of selling 10,000 plug-in electric cars in a month for the second time in its history.

In June, the total number hit 10,035, which was 103% more year-over-year - a result that was just shy of the all-time record set in December of 10,053.

Editor's Note:  Even at that, we aren't 100% sure whether plug-in sales aren't actually higher in June, as the plug-in hybrid version of the Song has yet to post results publicly, some ~18+ units (retail or early test vehicles) could very well have been logged easily.

The great result is the fruit of a strong performance put in by the entire BYD electrified line-up, regardless of class or powertrain (BEV/PHEV).

BYD June sales breakdown:

  • Tang – 3,519
  • Qin – 2,751
  • e6 – 1,647
  • e5 – 1,074
  • Qin EV300 – 1,044
With about 43,000 plug-in cars sold in the first half of the year, and an average growth rate of 117%, BYD is on track to hit its 120,000 sales goal in 2016 (double from the nearly 59,000 in 2015), as the second half plug-in sales in China (like the US) are always much stronger.


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