Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla now offers an entry-level version of the Model X. With a 60 kWh battery pack, this version starts at only $74,000.

Just like with the S, Tesla software limits the 60 kWh Model X. The 60 kWh X comes fitted with a 75 kWh battery pack, but in order to enable to extra capacity, the buyer must either opt for it up front (by purchasing a 75D for now, though we suspect this version will be discontinued soon), or pay at any point in time later down the road.

Unlocking the additional kWh costs basically the same as it does for the 60 kWh version of the S. The cost to unlock upfront is $9,000 (the cost to upgrade for the S is $8,500 up front, or $9,000 after the fact).

Range for the 60 kWh X is listed at 200 miles per charge, or 37 less than the 75D version of the X.

The 60 kWh version of the Model X is still a dual-motor, AWD electric SUV, just like its more expensive versions.

All 4 versions of the X list "Late September" for delivery.

Tesla issued a press release on the 60D Model X. The release is posted below:

We’ve just introduced a new option for Model X on our website – Model X 60D.

Model X is the safest, quickest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history, and existing Model X owners are loving their cars. Following on the success of Model S 60 and 60D and in order to bring the benefits of Tesla ownership to even more people, today we’re introducing Model X 60D at a starting price of $74,000 – giving customers the flexibility to choose the Tesla model, price point and range that best fits their lifestyle. Our versatile product platform and efficient manufacturing processes make it possible to seamlessly extend these types of compelling offerings to customers.

The new Model X 60D delivers up to 200 miles of range (EPA est.), a top speed of 130 mph, zero-to-60 acceleration in 6.0 seconds, and all-wheel drive performance, starting at $74,000. Customers can check out Model X at select tour stops across the US this summer.

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