TeslaMondo reached out to the company (Traction On Demand) for some bullet points about this Model ☰ incentive program. Block your ears, because here come them bullets:

  • Almost 200 people in the company. 65% of respondents have said they’re going to take advantage of the program.
  • Around 10 people put down deposits before the program began and they have been reimbursed.
  • We expect to see over 100 Teslas in the parking lot once the orders are fulfilled.
  • Our building has already committed to 3 charging stations, and we’re looking to grow that number based on the response to this program.
  • Greg Malpass is Traction’s Founder and CEO – he purchased his Model S in 2014.
  • We’re a software consulting and development firm and we’ve actually done work with Tesla Motors themselves.
  • The purpose of the program is to inspire our community of employees as well as other purpose driven organizations to invest in sustainable technologies, like the Model 3.
Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO of Traction, stated:

"While Tesla vehicles have been on the road for 8 years, the Model 3 brings this technology to the masses. As a Software-as-a-Service provider in BC that has specific policies to reduce air travel, Traction meets stringent environmental standards. This program is a proactive move to put our dollars into action and to invest in the single most important thing there is, our planet. We hope to inspire others to do the same."

More details here.

Imagine, for a minute, if this trend spreads to other companies. The world does contain, um, quite a few companies.

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