Welkom TeslaYou probably forgot that in late 2014, a Belgian town set up a campaign called “Welkom Tesla” in a desperate attempt to revive a Ford plant. Well, now France is trying to court Tesla to build on a moribund nuclear site that borders Germany.

TeslaMondo’s seismograph detects a brewing battle between European nations to site a Tesla plant. Remember the desperate measures taken by American governors to land the Gigafactory? Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry started cruising around California in a Model S to win favor. That kind of thing.

We may witness a repeat writ large in Europe, with nation battling nation. TeslaMondo predicts we’re less than a year aSegolene Royal TeslaMondoway from exactly that.

French Energy Minister Segolene Royal thinks she has drawn first blood with this nuclear plant fixer-upper idea. “Who dares, wins,” she’s telling the press. Well then, madame, Belgium wins.

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