We've seen the Tesla Model S P100DL take on all sorts of cars at the drag strip and rarely does it fail to impress us, but this race is unique in that the P100DL is up against a true drag racer in the final at the Farmington Drag Strip.

Video description:

"Farmington Dragstrip with the Tesla Model S P100D this go around. Last time we competed in the class with our P90D we went through 2 rounds easily before the track had to shut down."

"This time we bring our fastest one out for the 7.00 Index Race. With our P85D having 2 Wins in Classes can our P100D grab one drag racing where we vs a drag car, older muscle camaro, that has everything it needs to be a tough competitor and a class winner."

"The track had a few problems in the end but made for a great videos with back to back...to back runs!"

It seems there were more than just a few problems with the track and the Model S started to suffer from heat issues due to back-to-back runs, but it still exciting to watch nonetheless.

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