Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Among the 7 additional countries added for Tesla Model 3, S and X orders was Singapore, where eager Tesla also fans lined up to reserve the Model 3.

However, as Mashable reports, there may be a potential problem for these Model 3 buyers when they receive their cars.

They have no easy access to charge their future cars!

Quoting Mashable:

"According to The Straits Times, at least 13 people here have placed orders for the Model 3, due to arrive in 2018. But none of them speaking to the newspaper were sure of how they will charge the vehicle, because most Singaporeans live in public housing that don't offer charging ports in the carparks."

"Some private apartments have wall sockets in the carparks, but very few have dedicated EV-charging stations, so charging one can take an average of 10 hours, compared with faster supercharging ports that can do the job in a couple of hours."

Mashable tracked down some numbers too:

"According to 2014 government statistics, 5.8% live in houses — 80% live in public housing and 13.5% live in private apartments."

Owning an electric car with no reliable means for charging isn't recommended, so hopefully the charging station situation gets ironed out by the time the Model 3 arrives there in a few years.

Lastly, the Model 3 is expected to come in at about ~S$150,000 ($110,517 USD) or so after the huge taxes come into play. These taxes are in place to discourage car ownership in Singapore, but even despite the high price tag, many Model 3 reservations have already been placed.

Source: Mashable

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