During last night's Tesla Solar Roof reveal, a Tesla Model 3 briefly appeared.

Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but with so few sightings of the Model 3, we thought this rare look was worth pointing out.

Tesla Model 3 leaves a home with a

Tesla Model 3 leaves a home with a "Tucson Glass" solar roof during the company'slive event, avoids Radio Flyer Model S

Fortunately for us, a video of the Model 3 was posted to YouTube by Anthony Ngo with this description:

"I caught some quick shots of the post production Model 3 before security turned me away."

In the actual reveal video, a Model 3 slowly pulls out of the garage, with just a few in the audience taking notice of its appearance and applauding.  (Also check out full details on the new Tesla Solar Roof/Powerwall 2.0 from after the show here).

At the same time, we get a look at the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S too.

But this behind-the-scenes video of the Model 3 provides us with some excellent views of Tesla's upcoming electric car.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3