BMW 330e

BMW 330e

BMW notes record sales of its iPerformance branch of plug-ins for Europe, but at the same time (annoyingly) hides exact figures.

The German manufacturer offers two BMW i models (i3 and i8) and an ever-expanding portfolio of iPerformance models (plug-in hybrids versions of conventional models), which includes the X5 xDrive40e, BMW 225xe Active Tourer and BMW 330e.

According to the company's monthly sales report, about 4% of BMW sales in Western Europe were “electrified cars”.

“There continues to be an increasing demand for BMW i and iPerformance vehicles, especially in Europe. In June, four percent of all BMW sales in Western Europe were electrified cars, with that percentage increasing significantly in markets where e-mobility is supported by financial and infrastructure measures.”

The top markets for June were:

  • Netherlands, 14.9% of all BMWs sold in June were BMW i or BMW iPerformance models
  • Scandinavia, 13.2% of all BMWs sold in June were BMW i or BMW iPerformance models
In the U.S., a total of 1,386  plug-ins (i3, i8, X5 xDrive40e and BMW 330e) have been sold, or 4.8% of BMW's car and light trucks sales.


The "not for sale" in the US, BMW 225xe Active Tourer

In all of Europe though May, we can confirm that the i3 leads the way for BMW's electrified fleet with 4,300 sales, followed by the X5 plug-in at almost 2,200, the Active Tourer at 1,500 and the BMW 330e at about 500.

More records are expected to be set shortly, as the BMW i branch will surely surge ahead this summer with the launch of the BMW i3 94Ah (a battery upgrade from 22 kWh to 33 kWh battery) in mid-July. Nearly 5,000 pre-orders were registered in Europe alone for i3s with this optional battery pack.

“In July, the new BMW i3 94A will celebrate its market launch; this version of the i3 has a significantly increased battery capacity and offers customers a range of up to 200km under everyday conditions (300km in the standard NEDC cycle. BMW i3 (94 Ah)/BMW i3 (60 Ah): combined fuel consumption 0.6./0.6l/100 km; combined electricity consumption: 11.3/13.5 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 12/13 g/km)*. Ahead of the launch, pre-orders of the new i3 model in Europe are already close to the 5,000 mark.”

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