The Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED, now called the B250e, isn't a car found abundantly car in Europe (or really anywhere else for that matter), but Fully Charged managed to track one down for a test drive in the UK.

Over the course of the review, the build quality of the all-electric Mercedes was well appreciated, while also a big plus for host Robert was the regenerative braking control.

Still, it is one of those rare BEVs that doesn't have fast charge capability, so you really only have the total range available to you once in a day (unless you often find yourself somewhere for a prolonged period of time - such as work).

The B250e has 87 mile/140 km EPA range, but ~107 miles/172 kms is available to be used (provided you have selected the toggle to do so)  via a 36 kWh battery.

Interestingly, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED is in fact, still Tesla-powered (powertrain and batteries).

In the U.S. about 4,000 have been sold up to date (full monthly sales by month for all US sold plug-ins can be found here), however the model has grown a bit dated, and sales have slowed recently with a lot of new product offerings entering the market.  Daimler has promised a new version will be coming shortly.

The price starts at $34,875 after federal tax credit in the US.

Mercedes B250e | Fully Charged

It's just possible that this is close to an actual car review. Many thanks to the very generous Andy Seal who lent me the car for the day.

It truly is a very impressive machine with one rather major drawback.

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