Perhaps this will result in another one of those bogus unintended acceleration claims?

What you see here is the aftermath of a crash involving a Tesla Model S, a parked Mercedes-Benz and an unsuspecting dealership.

According to the video (which can be found below), the Model S jumped the curb, flew over the nearby hedges, slammed into the top of the Mercedes-Benz, then proceeded on until the car came to a stop at the exterior wall of the Smart/Mercedes dealership.

"It went over the bushes, it actually jumped over the bushes. They can fly, you didn't know that? ...that's (expletive deleted) epic!"

From the looks of it, nobody was injured, but we're certain the Model S driver suffered a brief moment of shock when the car went airborne for a second or two.

UPDATE (via Twitter BCH):

Editor's note: *Video contains some NSFW language

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