Energica Ego

Energica Ego

Energica Motor Company celebrated opening its first store in San Francisco this month.

The Italian company currently offers two models - the EGO and EVA, both priced from $34,544.

The price isn't exactly low, but at least consumers finally have the choice to buy the electric superbikes, which never did quite happen with the likes of  Mission Motors. To be fair, there is also Lightning Motorcycles, but haven't heard much in the way of the progress from them recently.

"In the true Italian tradition of inspired design and performance, the Energica brand of high-performing supersport electric motorcycles inaugurated its new display hall in San Francisco, at 53 Page Street.  A New Legend is in the making!

Energica Motor Company celebrated the opening on July 6th with ribbon cutting in the presence of the Ambassador of Italy H.E. Armando Varricchio.

Galleria Energica is located in the heart of San Francisco, very close to the Mission District, and displays a variety of Energica models.  Visitors will be able to feel and experience the exceptional uniqueness of the new Energica electric motorcycles."

Both models can be configured on-line at www.energicamotorusa.com

The EVA is equipped with 70 kW/170 Nm motor and 11.7 kWh battery, which should last 1,200 charges (100% DOD) before it falls to ~80% capacity.

EGO is rated at 100 kW/195 Nm and has the same 11.7 kWh battery.

Energica EVA, EGO, EGO 45

Energica EVA, EGO, EGO 45

"To order and purchase Energica motorcycles, a new configurator is available on Energica American website

The order and purchasing process begins in this new Energica tool where customers can customize their own Energica and choose different accessories and optional.

Once finished, customers can complete the order filling the contact information, Energica staff will contact the client within 48 hours to manage the purchasing process.

Energica motorcycles will be custom built at the Italian factory in Modena and delivered as soon as ready."

The price doesn't include fast charging, which costs an additional $1,728 (CCS Combo inlet).

Bill Levasseur recently demonstratedthe Energica EVA in California using 9 fast charges during 450 miles - on average it took 23 minutes to charge each time (for another 50 miles).

"The “California dream” tour of Energica Eva has come to a close. Bill Levasseur, the amazing rider of this adventure, crossed the beauties and the iconic places of the Californian territory, from Santa Monica, to Long Beach, from the Bixby Bridge to the Golden Gate, stopping at The Rock Store in Los Angeles and at Alice’s Restaurant in San Francisco.

He rode 450 miles with 9 fast charging stops, taking 23 minutes average each. Thanks to the on board fast charge and the ChargePoint Network, Bill was able to enjoy an exciting and unconventional journey on the Energica Eva, without any range anxiety.

“It’s such a joy to ride!”, he said arriving in San Francisco. During the trip, Bill joined the Quail Ride riding in Laguna Seca track and stopped at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, the main Carmel motorcycle event. The electric heart of Energica Eva won everyone over!"

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