"Despite the name Virgin, these cars will go all the way!" -Branson

Formula E Virgin team boss Richard Branson believes that electric cars are the future and thinks that the whole point of Formula E is to push the boundaries to develop technologies for the roads cars that will be coming soon.

Quoting Branson:

"Formula E is pushing the boundaries forward into what will be the future."

"Fifteen years from now, I suspect every car on the road will be electric."

"What we're doing with these race cars is pushing the technology forward so that road cars one day will be able to go hundreds of miles without having to recharge their batteries."

Branson added:

"If governments set the ground rules -- and they sometimes have to be brave and set positive ground rules -- and for instance said, 'more than 50% of cars must be battery-driven in 10 years and 100% in 15 years,' we could make that happen."

"It will be great fun and really challenging to do. The cars would be much more efficient -- they're not going to keep on breaking down and battery technology will get better and better."

For more on Branson's outlook on the future of electric cars and Formula E, check out the video interview below:

Source: CNN

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