Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Motors has begun selling the Model X 75D in China.

The base Model X costs 841,000 yuan ($125,630), compared to "just" $83,000 in the U.S. (or $75 500 after federal tax credit).

Import taxes (about one third of the price) really makes Tesla's expansion to China difficult.

We should note that the X 75D is still dirt cheap (relatively speaking), compared to a fully loaded P90D Signature Red edition - which will set one back 1.47 million yuan or $225,000.

"The price is probably a tad too high for what you get, even for China," according to Forbes.

Interesting is that in China nearly all of the first 11 Model X (six delivered in Beijing on June 24, and five delivered in Shanghai on June 30, 2 in July so far) were white or black.

"Interestingly, these early Chinese buyers opted only for two colors: of the six Beijing cars five where white and one was black, and of the five Shanghai cars three were white and one was black."

The first 2 Model X vehicles were delivered in China less than 2 weeks ago (June 24th), so it will be awhile yet to see how a premium, all-electric SUV will fair in the country.

source: Forbes

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