Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Motors Club forum has revealed that consumers may be able to get an inventory Tesla Model X quickly and at a discount. This is good news for anyone planning to purchase the SUV but not willing to wait for months to take delivery.

Tesla Model X Rear Access Due To Falcon Wing Doors

Tesla Model X Rear Access Due To Falcon Wing Doors

Inventory vehicles are EVs that usually qualify for all of the same tax incentives as new cars. This is due to the fact that the vehicles haven't been titled. The cars will be sold at a discount since they generally have a small amount of miles on them and may have older technology.

Comments seem to establish that Tesla had reasonable and growing quantities of these inventory cars available, at least in certain areas. Forum user Doug H shared:

“I was in the Portland store today and they have access to about 100 Inventory cars. That will double in the next two-three weeks I was told. They will not be listed on the Tesla site you have to go in and talk to someone. They are really looking to move cars fast for some reason.”

Other commentors on the forum shared information about this situation.


“Perhaps other members are aware that some Model X inventory cars are available on the SC computers. I went to the Raleigh SC on 6/29 to finalize my design for a new MX, but learned that inventory X’s might be what I want. I had purchased an inventory P85 last December and was very pleased with that discount. I found an X90D in Austin, TX that matched my design with only one small exception and had only 950 miles on the odometer. I am expecting it to arrive within 3 weeks!”


"Ya I just got one out of Orlando with about 1,100 miles and a $4,500 discount. There was a similar one in Ohio that had premium package, but someone bought it 20 minutes before me, so I went 90D non premium package. I was going to order a 75 D but to inpatient to wait till December. I hope to get it in a couple weeks. $500 transfer fee from Tampa to Miami. My only worry is missing out on newer tech, but that’s a battle I will probably never win. Trading in my old MS which I got 6 month to early for autopilot.”

We should note giving the timing of the reports starting right around the end of June, these deals/offers could have been in response/initiated to the news reported in July that the company was having a hard time hitting their sales estimates for the second quarter.

Tesla ultimately came up about 15% light, but noted some 5,150 "in transit" sales just missing the end of the quarter; perhaps these deals were originally designed in an attempt to pull forward as many sales as possible?

Regardless, it surely can't hurt to check the forum for other comments about inventory models available in different areas. As the posts noted, checking in with local stores is a good idea as well, as apparently Tesla is not listing the vehicles in some areas.

Source: EV Obsession, Tesla Motors Club

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