Tesla Model 3 Wallpaper

Tesla Model 3 Wallpaper

There are a myriad of videos popping up out there about the Model 3. Many first drives and some great details and questions answered. This is just the tip of the iceberg here. More to come!

Below you'll find a brief video description below each embedded video.

Everything about the Tesla Model 3 from Inside Lane.

One of the very first test drives, with AutoblogGreen editor Sebastian Blanco in the rear seat.

A brief test drive of the Tesla Model 3, showcasing the interior of the vehicle.

Green Car Reports first ride in the Model 3, following the reveal.

Slash Drive experiences a ride in the dual-motor, AWD Model 3. The base model advertised for $35,000 will be a single-motor RWD.

Tesla Model 3 features panorama glass.

Model 3 first drive from the passenger seat perspective.

Fast Lane's recap of the Model 3 unveiling with vehicle details.

Periscope gets a drive in the Model 3. Many great questions answered.

Tesla Model 3 races around a track.

Consumer Reports on the Tesla Model 3.

Video Description per Autogef├╝hl :

Join us for the first exterior shots and the extensive premiere/reveal information of the all-new Tesla Model S.

Most important facts: - mid-size sedan - 5 seats - acceleration 0-60 mph / 0-100 km/h less than 6.0 secs - faster versions come later - electric AWD - over 215 miles / over 350 km range - higher range possible later - front and rear trunk - autopilot as standard feature! - price approx. 35.000 USD

- deliveries will begin in late 2017

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