Renault ZOE at fast charging station in France

Renault ZOE at fast charging station in France

The 20-month long period of growth for all-electric car sales in France was threatened in June as BEVs registrations were up year-over-year by just 6%.

In total, some 2,956 new BEVs were registered, which translates to over 1% market share.

All-electric passenger cars increased just 1.8% to 2,378 (12,338 YTD), while LCVs (light commercial vehicles) increased by 28% to 578 (2,730 YTD).

After first half of the year, France has over 15,000 more all-electric cars on the road, and over 50% of those, were sold by Renault.

The best-selling Renault ZOE continues to stay strong at the top of the list, with 1,306 registrations in June (over 6,500 YTD), but we should note that this number did in fact decrease some 12% compared to 2015.

The Nissan LEAF continues to perform very well in France since the introduction of the 30 kWh version. June sales stood at 404 new registrations, while YTD has already exceed 2,500 (compared to 2,219 in all of 2015).

The Tesla Model S also got stronger in June (as the car is want to do whenever it is the 3rd month of a fiscal quarter), with 131 registrations last month and 413 YTD.

BEV Registrations in France – June 2016 (source: <a href=Avere-France / AAA data)" draggable="false">

BEV Registrations in France – June 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

source: Avere-France / AAA data

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