Famed YouTuber Marques Brownlee presents perhaps the highest quality video we've ever seen of a Tesla and as a bonus (via a Google Pixel XL), this particular Tesla is the top-of-the-line Model S P100DL.

Video description:

"Tesla Model S through Google Pixel XL. Since you buy the car online, you can customize a LOT from the factory! #future"

There's a whole lot of detailed footage, including some close-ups, of the S P100DL in this video for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy the scenery.

Sidenote (and not really related to EVs at all): Being in the "media", we are a bit infatuated with today's cutting edge camera equipment, and Marques' latest addition is some sweet tech - an 8K Red Epic W. See video below.

We.  Must.  Have.

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