Bjørn has been posting an abundance of videos lately - and obviously, people value his insight and opinion. The video comments can often be as informative or more so than the video itself.

Multiple Tesla Vehicles Occupying Charging Spots

Multiple Tesla Vehicles Occupying Charging Spots

Here, Bjørn shares his view of Tesla Autopilot 2.0 and some of his own ideas for its most appropriate uses. He is also battling with whether or not it is something that he needs or wants.

Video Description:

With the introduction of autopilot 2.0 hardware, the car can drive itself (autonomy level 5). I (Bjørn Nyland) have a few ideas on what it can be used for. And I also discuss whether I should get it or not.

While Bjørn is clearly fascinated by the technology, and well aware of its monumental impact and contribution to automotive safety, his love of driving - and many of us would probably agree - makes the new technology decision a struggle.

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