Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas more often than not is right in his predictions linked to Tesla.

Jonas recently chimed in on the Model 3 saying that he believes 2018 is when production will be in full swing and that Tesla's total sales will be approximately 249,000 units per year in 2020.

However, it was Jonas' statement on Model 3 performance that caught our attention. according to Jonas, the Model 3, despite its relatively low price, will still deliver on all fronts. Quoting Jonas:

"We expect the Model 3 to live up to the Tesla brand image as a 'no compromise' high-performance car, with a high degree of driving pleasure."

Jonas went on to say that the Model 3 (in high-spec trim) will either match or beat the BMW M and Mercedes-Benz AMG models in performance categories such as acceleration and handling. Quoting Jonas:

"We would be very surprised if the performance specs, such as acceleration and handling, are not on par with or superior to high-performance 'M' or 'AMG' versions of the equivalent German premium sedans."

The M and AMG models are highly regarded, so if the Model 3 can indeed match those offerings at a relatively affordable price than it surely will be an all-around winner.

Source: USA Today

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