CCS (Combined Charging System) -a  single inlet for AC charging and fast DC charging

CCS (Combined Charging System) -a  single inlet for AC charging and fast DC charging

French media reports that Renault is considering two charging options for its future electric cars:

  • 22 kW AC (three-phase Type 2 inlet)
  • 100 kW DC (CCS Combo - European version)

Both methods are available through using the CCS Combo inlet, and as such, Renault already has become a member of the CharIN CCS DC fast charging group this past June.

These development plans for Europe-based Renault, probably means that new partners Nissan-Mitsubishi have been left alone as the major backers of the CHAdeMO protocol in Europe...although the two OEMs have combined already for some ~525,000 sales through September to date.

According to the report, Renault's base charging offering will include 22 kW AC, which is well-fitted to the European grid, as there are few obstacles to install three-phase 11 kW charging station in most countries, and public 22 kW spots are relatively cheap compared to stand-alone DC fast chargers (50 kW or more).

The CCS Combo DC option will become more of a complimenary option for longer journeys, with acceptable power of at least 100 kW.

Eric Feunteun, Director of the EV program said:

"Up to 22 kW AC load is in the heart of our strategy and remain integrated in the entire visible horizon in our new vehicles. For us it is a real advantage over the car but also in terms of costs with terminals much more affordable in comparison to the DC load."

"In Germany, where every house is equipped with three phase load domestic AC 11 kilowatts is quite common. This is a real competitive advantage!"

"Between AC 22 kW Combo, there will clearly cohabitation on future models. Soon it will move to the load 100 kW and more, it is clear that the Combo 2 standard, which was imposed in Europe , will be our standard. This is information we want to share to help investors make the right choices in terms of infrastructure,"

source: Automobile Propre

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