Henrik Fisker is back in the plug-in vehicle news cycle with the recent announcement of a new company, battery breakthroughs and a new all-electric car in developments.

Fisker's Game Changer

Fisker's Game Changer

A new model is be unveiled next year, and recently this week we saw the first teaser, which included "butterfly" doors.

The new EV is said to have a usable range of over 400 miles (that lasts for the entire life of the vehicle).   The new battery  to provide such lofty benchmarks is set to be developed at Fisker Nanotech’s facility in California.

This first EV is also said to be a precursor for a more affordable model, a very similar plan that we have seen unfold with Tesla and the Model S and upcoming Model 3.

However Fisker's approach to autonomy will diverge from Tesla's, as the new Fisker outfit has zero plans to develop its own proprietary system.

Henrik Fisker even said to Business Insider he doesn't think automakers should develop such technology at all, but rather leave that to 3rd parties:

Henrik Fisker With His Original Karma

Henrik Fisker With His Original Karma

"I probably have a very controversial view on autonomous driving versus anybody else in the auto industry. I don’t believe that it makes any sense for an automaker to develop autonomous driving."

"He added that suppliers, instead of independent car companies, should be the ones developing and integrating driverless tech in cars going forward.

"The implementation of autonomous driving needs a whole new rethinking," he said. "To really make it an attribute for society, we really need to think differently about where and when and how we implement this.""

It would seem likely that the new all-electric Fisker probably will be produced by VLF Automotive in Detroit.

source: Business Insider

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