The P85D

The P85D

Tesla Motors recently lost a ruling in Norway on the listing of the power output of its Model S P85D, and as such may have to shell out 50,000 Krones ($6,000 USD) to each of the ~150 owners of the car in the country, Electrek reports.  The company has some time to yet appeal the decision if they choose.

Why the fine? Well, it seems Tesla wrongly listed the horsepower rating for the Model S P85D. Tesla had stated that the P85D had a rear motor with 467 HP and a front motor rating at 224 HP for a combined rating of 691 HP. However, the vehicle was never capable of delivering all that power to those motors.

Tesla has made a statement on the Norway's Consumer Council's decision:

“Testing done by Tesla and independent third parties has demonstrated that the Model S P85D’s acceleration and motor power numbers have always been accurate, even understated. With respect to acceleration, Tesla described the P85D as having a 0-100 kph time of 3.3 seconds, and Motor Trend and others actually achieved a time of 3.1 seconds. Similarly, the motor power numbers used by Tesla were legally required and confirmed as accurate by European regulatory authorities. Based on this information, the Consumer Council previously resolved these issues in Tesla’s favor. Tesla will be reviewing the decision by the Consumer Disputes Commission to better understand the conclusion that it reached.”

Source: Electrek

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