Tesla Superchargers

Tesla Superchargers

One of the many big mysteries about the Tesla Model 3 is whether or not Supercharger access will be included in the base cost.

Tesla Supercharger Network, Image Credit: <a href=Tesla Motors" draggable="false">

Tesla Supercharger Network, Image Credit: Tesla Motors

Back in 2012, when Tesla first released the Model S, Supercharger network access was an additional $2,000 option. Now, Tesla includes the access to every Model S and X buyer.

There is much speculation as to how Tesla may handle access for the Model 3.

One, of course, is to stay consistent and offer it as part of the base package as the company is doing with current models. Another option would be to offer it up front, but to discount users that decline the coverage. A third option is to offer the access for a fee at the time of purchase. The final theory is that Tesla may include the option of "use-based" subscription plans.

There are currently over 100,000 Teslas on the road. If the Model 3 takes off as expected, along with the success of the Model X, there will be several hundred thousand more in the coming years. Offering a free service for Supercharger access is a great idea, and Tesla will be able to boast that every driver is covered. But, if there is overcapacity at the stations, making access unavailable, what's the point?

Tesla could surely make hundreds of millions in extra funds by charging the $2,000 fee, and it can only be assumed that many of the 100,000 buyers would pay it. It's not known if this information will be disclosed in the coming days as part of the unveiling. Only time will tell.

Source: Teslarati

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