Australian, Andreas Stephens, starts the queue for the Tesla Model 3 by arriving at the showroom 48 hours ahead of time to wait for the opportunity to put his name in, just to wait another 2 years for delivery.

Tesla Fremont Assembly

Tesla Fremont Assembly

Stephens waits outside with a book and a phone that will surely die soon. Tesla staff has already given him a ride in a Model S and kept him supplied with fresh coffee.

The new model will not be revealed until Friday afternoon in Australia. The public still has no clue about the official details of the vehicle. The Tesla showroom in Artarmon will open on Thursday at 8am and Stephens will be the lead man in. A $1500 deposit will buy him a spot in the queue.

The Model 3 may cost him $65,000 to $70,000 when it is delivered in Australia. This information is also unknown.

Stephens says that his son turned him on to Tesla, and when the car arrives, his son will be going for a much awaited ride. Currently, Stephens owns a Toyota Corolla Seca, and doesn't even have a garage. He jokes, “I’ve got two years to build one”.

Since Stephens isn't a current Tesla owner, he will be far from the first to take delivery of his Model 3. Tesla is giving priority to current Model S/X owners.

The scene outside of Tesla dealerships will be much like that of Black Friday sales and Apple stores during new releases. Both companies rely on direct sales (although Apple branches out as well), and have almost cult-like followers. Seeing mobs of people lined up for hours and days ahead of time, around the buildings and down the block, will not come as any surprise.

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