Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X In China

As promised, Chinese buyers are receiving their Tesla Model X SUVs ahead of European reservation holders.

Back in February, Tesla opened up its Model X reservation system in China. Now, some of those early reservation holders are in the process of taking delivery of their new X electric SUVs.

Bloomberg was the first to suggest that China would receive the X before Europe and it turns out that the news organization was right.

Teslarati describes what the images are showing us:

"Spotted at the Beijing airport cargo terminal (via Autohome.com.cn), a pair of white and deep blue metallic Model X are seen being unloaded from their shipping containers."

We assume these Model X SUVs are not customer cars, but rather display models for the upcoming Beijing Motor Show, but we could be wrong.

Officially, Tesla says that Model X deliveries in China will commence in Q2 (April 1 through June 30) 2016.

All images via Autohome.com.cn 

Source: Teslarati

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