One of the under-reported announcements from Tesla CEO Elon Musk following the Tesla self-driving release was that Tesla is planning on conducting a coast-to-coast demonstration drive of the new technology with no human intervention, not even for charging. This demo drive will apparently occur sometime next year.

Coast-to-coast Tesla trips have been done on countless occasions now, some even in Autopilot for the majority of the time, but this will be the first attempt at such a journey with absolutely no human intervention.

The question on everyone's mind seem to be how will the self-driving Tesla get charged with no human intervention? Elon Musk provides the answer via a Twitter response:

So, that snake-like charger must be near ready seems. Tesla has been working on the charger for well over a year, but we hadn't heard a mention of it in quite some time now. The automated charger really is the last piece of the self-driving Tesla. No hands on the wheel in the future, no hands needed to charge 'er up.

We look forward to Tesla's demo drive and hope all goes as planned, but we do wonder if perhaps next year will be a bit too early to complete such an ambitious journey?

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