Apparently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk just could not wait another couple hours for his "unexpected by most" product reveal tonight at 5 PM (PT).

Mr. Musk took to twitter to divulge that the reveal will be a (at least partial) fulfillment of an earlier promise - specifically:

"This is also what I was alluding to by Model 3 part 2"

UPDATE (October 19th, 8:05):  The event has now taken place, and it was kinda Model 3 related.  In that the upcoming long range car (and other Tesla EVs now in production) are getting full self-driving hardware.  Level 5 automoy is apparently coming.  Full details/event recap here.

Although we do have to wonder why the earlier Musk quote had the "unexpected by most" disclaimer.  If anything, by using the phrase "unexpected by most", the Tesla CEO took the focus away from the Model S.

The second part of the Model 3 debut was probably the most anticipated upcoming reveal by the company this Fall, especially after Tesla declared a "pencil's down" moment on the car's design in late Summer.

What does this mean in regards to the Model 3?

Perhaps a better look at the final product, including the production-intent interior that the CEO said would come together during part 2 of the Model 3's launch.

Other speculation, given the promise of a "new" product in an earlier tweet, is that perhaps the Model 3's companion utility vehicle, the Model Y may finally break cover in some form.

And finally, perhaps we might see some final specs on the performance, and more specifically the range of the Model 3 (pegged at more than 215 miles) to keep reservation holders anticipating the EV's release in the second half of 2017 ...especially as the Chevrolet Bolt EV with a recently announced 238 miles of range (details) has just entered production this month in Michigan, with dealers now accepting orders.

Also of note:  Tesla recently changed its delivery estimate for new Model 3 reservations made today, with Musk saying that "the first 12 months of production (is) sold out".  New orders placed today are not expected until "mid-2018 or later" - full details here.

We of course will have all the coverage on the event (and the subsequent media Q&A afterwards) as it happens.

Hat tip to Daniel Z!


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