Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Thanks to Plug In Sites and Lanny Hartmann (who sometimes also pens a story here at InsideEVs), we can pass along the total number of registered plug-in cars in six Eastern US states.

Their total stands at 20,545, which is still not a huge number compared to the over 450,000 sold in U.S. (the bulk of which in California).

  • Maryland - 6,654
  • Pennsylvania - 6,581
  • Virginia - 5,522
  • District of Columbia - 835
  • Delaware - 597
  • West Virginia - 356

The common trend amongst all the eastern states is that plug-in hybrids are in majority (in opposition to U.S. average overall). There is only 23% BEVs in West Virginia, while highest ratio of 42 to 58 was found in District of Columbia.

The average for the six is 36% BEVs (7,418) and 64% PHEVs (13,127).

source: Plug In Sites – EV Charging Stations