Audi's first-ever long-range, mass-produced electric vehicle will have a simple, easy-to-remember name: e-tron.



That's right...rather than putting a letter and a number in there in typical Audi tradition (examples: A7, Q5, etc.), the upcoming electric crossover, SUV from Audi will be called...e-tron.

That's easy to remember and eliminates the need to guess if the electric SUV will be badged Q5, Q6 or something else entirely.

Audi still says that the 310-mile all-electric e-tron is on track for production in 2018. Some additional, previously released details include:

  • The lithium-ion battery pack with cells from LG Chem & Samsung SDI will be positioned between the axles and below the passenger compartment to achieve low center of gravity, balanced axle load distribution, as well as better driving dynamics and driving safety.
  • The official press release confirms a three motor setup – 2 for the rear wheels like in the Audi R8 e-tron, and a single motor for the front axle for AWD.
  • e-tron quattro concept’s 0.25 cd is claimed to be a record in the SUV segment
Audi boss Rupert Stadler commented on naming the SUV e-tron:

“It is comparable to the first Audi quattro, which was known simply as the quattro. In the long term the name e-tron will stand for a pure electric driveline structure.”

Future electric models will follow Audi's conventional naming structure:

“We will have models with the usual names, for example A6 e-tron, A7 e-tron, A8 e-tron and so on.”

Stalder even briefly commented on Audi doing a Tesla Model S competitor:

I do believe that it makes sense for the Audi brand to be positioned in the top premium segment with this driveline technology.”

This vehicle is likely to be called the A8 e-tron.

And there's potentially one more electric Audi in the near future too...a compact MPV targeted at urban centers:

“We are presently experiencing an upward swing in the demand for such electric concepts, primarily in large megacities. They would be well suited with ranges of between 350 to 450 km. The subject of space is an important one. That means we’ll see compact electric cars, but with vastly improved interior design. Customers want ease of entry, a command seating position and the feeling of safety.”

Lots of let's get those EVs into production.

Source: Autocar

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