Tesla CEO And Chairman Elon Musk

Tesla CEO And Chairman Elon Musk

A recent Seeking Alpha report on Tesla manufacturing reveals that six new job offerings at the company's Gigafactory include positions for drive systems manufacturing and control systems engineers.

One imagines this means that the Model 3 drivetrain (or at least some aspects of it) will be manufactured on the premises alongside batteries.

It does seem entirely in the realm of possibility, as ultimately Tesla hinted that all-in-one production sites from Gigafactory 2 (batteries and cars in one facility) could be up next.

The current Gigafactory project in Nevada likely could easily accommodate extra capacity for drive system manufacturing.

Perhaps given the scope of production plans for the Model 3, and Tesla's more limited room at its current Fremont assembly facility (already making the Model S and Model X), it is a logical move.

Seeking Alpha/Rolling O Research states:

"Several weeks ago, a listing for a Manufacturing Engineer, Drive Unit - Rotors appeared on the Tesla website. It indicated a location on Electric Avenue in Sparks, NV, and described the position as follows:

Tesla is seeking a highly motivated Manufacturing Engineer for our Gigafactory in Reno Sparks Nevada to develop new processes and high volume automation equipment for Tesla Drive Unit assembly lines.

Our Drive Systems production lines include highly automated manufacturing systems for Rotors, Stators, Motor and Drive Unit assembly and tests."

"That confirmation appears to have arrived, as in the past few weeks, five more Drive Systems manufacturing jobs have been listed, with the most recent appearing three days ago (as this article is being written). These positions are:

Associate Manufacturing Engineer, Drive Unit - Rotors

Associate Manufacturing Engineer, Drive Unit - Stators

Controls Engineer, Drive Unit

Manufacturing Engineer, Final Assembly (Two positions listed)"

source: Seeking Alpha

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