Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

While details regarding the cost, size, and purposes of the Tesla Gigafactory are not a secret, many interesting details are still being discovered. Using information from building permits, six "top tidbits" have surfaced.

Inside The Tesla Gigafactory

Inside The Tesla Gigafactory

Jack Cookson of buildzoom, analyzes many building permits to place consumers and businesses with top talent. He provided some key information regarding what he learned about the Tesla Gigafactory while checking out Tesla's building permits.

Teslarati broke that information down into six tidbits, which we've covered below.

Grand opening attendees may see battery cell production live in progress

On July 29, the Gigafactory is hosting its grand opening event. According to a building permit, the “Battery Cell Manufacturing Equipment Installation” will be finished over a week prior to the event. It is possible that this is planned in order to show off battery production during the event.

Tesla has filed its own permits and is not using a general contractor

Cookson explained:

“Something we found different about this project is that Tesla filed the majority of their own building permits and is actually the contractor for the project. This means, that Tesla had to acquire a contractor license in Nevada and has taken on far more work than if they had just hired a General Contractor.”

The Gigafactory is earthquake resistant

The building is built on four independent foundations so that it may shift freely in the event of an earthquake.

The Gigafactory continues to grow indefinitely

Building permits show for expansion to a fourth and fifth area. Areas D and E will cost $63 million and are projected to be complete by the end of the year. The current total Gigafactory, with all areas included, is only 14% of the planned finished space. As shown in many photos, the amount of available land space seems endless.

Tesla spent $4.7 million on fire safety

The company funded a permit for a fire safety command center and also donated a fire truck to the local Nevada fire department for Storey County.

The Gigafactory will have an enormous chiller and water tank on site

The water tank holds 1.5 million gallons of water which is larger than two Olympic sized pools. The permit doesn't specify the use of the water tank. The giant refrigeration yard will likely cool batteries used for testing.

Source: Teslarati

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