While those interested know the official EPA ranges figures for the Tesla Model X 75D, 90D and P90D, here we present the calculations in a broken-down format in calculating the EPA's final ratings.

From left to right in the chart below we see city, highway and combined ratings for the 3 versions of the Model X.

Of interest is that the 75D version isn't rated all that much lower than the higher-spec and much more costly 90D and P90D versions.

EPA Ratings For Model X

EPA Ratings For Model X

Unlike the refreshed Tesla Model S 90D, which goes for over 300 miles on the highway, the 90D Model X only gets a highway rating of 262.7 miles.

Aerodynamics and weight definitely come into play here. Even the P90D Model S gets a highway rating of over 280 miles on a charge, compared to just 252.7 miles for the P90D X. So, if range is the most important factor for you, then the S has a significant advantage in all versions.

Click here for some comparative range ratings for the refreshed Model S.

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