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BorgWarner, a company that supplies single-speed transmissions for various electric cars (including Tesla Roadster), announced Geely as its most recent customer.

Geely intends to use the BorgWarner's eGearDrive in its pure electric model EC7-EV sedan.

EC7-EV sedan specs:

  • 129 horsepower electric motor
  • top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph)
  • range of 253 km (157 miles) - undisclosed test cycle
The Chinese company earlier announced that by 2020 hopes to electrify 90% of its models.

"Specifically designed for the emerging high-volume electric vehicle market, BorgWarner's eGearDrive transmission features a highly efficient gear train for extended range and quiet performance, and is available in a wide range of ratios for a variety of motor sizes."

"BorgWarner's eGearDrive transmission achieves high torque capacity in a compact package while providing smooth, quiet operation. Through its high-efficiency gear train and compact, low-weight design, the eGearDrive transmission contributes to extended battery-powered driving range, which in turn reduces the battery capacity required. An electronically actuated park lock system is also available. Approximately 99 percent of the materials used in the eGearDrive transmission are recyclable."

Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems said:

"Demand for BorgWarner's innovative eGearDrive transmission is growing significantly in the Chinese market where we expect to launch several programs with major automakers in the next few months. As the first multinational supplier to begin producing this technology in China, BorgWarner's superior technology, local manufacturing and local engineering support make BorgWarner the supplier of choice."

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