Today marks the first anniversary for the first batch of Tesla customers receiving their Model S at the Hong Kong launch event at Kai Tak Terminal (located at the end of the old Kai Tak Airport runway). Since then, the number of Model S has grown to nearly 1,700 units (unconfirmed but estimated by ChargedHK members) and there are now 8 SuperCharger locations throughout the city. Hong Kong now has the highest density of Superchargers among all cities throughout the world.

Based on the unconfirmed numbers of 1,700 Model S sold within a 12 month period, that's roughly 140 units sold per month. If we compare the statistics of ICE cars sales from Dec 2014 to Apr 2015, Model S is in second place in all of those months except March.

Toyota Alphard Luxury MPV

Toyota Alphard Luxury MPV

  • Dec: 1st Toyota Noah = 163 units
  • Jan: 1st Toyota Noah = 131 units
  • Feb: 1st Toyota Noah = 178 units
  • Mar: 1st Toyota Noah = 241 units / 2nd Audi A3 sedan 1.4 ultra = 232 units
  • Apr: 1st Toyota Alphard = 186 units
The reason Model S took the 3rd place in March is likely because the tax incentive for all ICE cars categories as environmentally friendly (based on low emission) including hybrids had been removed on Apr 1st. Buyers took the opportunity to enjoy the tax incentive, which savings could amount to a few thousand USD.

If Tesla wants to take on Toyota's 1st place ICE models in the Hong Kong market, the upcoming 7 seater Model X could be a competitor. MPVs or 7 seater vehicles have become very popular in Hong Kong due to spacious interior and families tending to ride together with additional relatives or friends.

We look forward to the next major launch event. 300+ Model X buyers in Hong Kong (unconfirmed) will be thrilled to receive their invitations.

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