One of the only two power utilities company in the city, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (serving all the population in Kowloon, New Territories, Lantau island and some outlying islands) has announced their major initiatives to promote green motoring. They are also a long-time supporter with the introduction of their first electric vehicle in their fleet back in 1984.

The company recently launched a multi-standard quick charging station at their CLP Centenary Building in Jordan at the West Kowloon District. This has been one of the most anticipated charging stations especially for the 200+ BMW i3 and CCS capable EV owners. Prior to this date, these owners had to rely on public standard (13amp) and medium-based EVSE (16-32amp) taking a minimum of 3-4 hours to get a full charge on a 24kWh battery pack. This station will supply an 80% charge in 20-30mins.

CLP Power Director of Marketing and Customer Services Mr Chow Lap Man, introduces the one-stop “333 EV Power Supply Support” service.

CLP Power Director of Marketing and Customer Services Mr Chow Lap Man, introduces the one-stop “333 EV Power Supply Support” service.

This quick charging station is the just the first out of the 10 CLP plans to install in districts across the city. The remaining 9 installations will be located throughout Kowloon and New Territories at an average of 10km apart. They also have plans to upgrade existing standard charging point to medium charger.

With the increase of charging queues experienced by EV drivers and charging space being used by non-electric vehicle, CLP has emphasized their commitment to expand their charging network to provide greater convenience. However, the charging space is managed by the operator, subject to their discretion and how they decide the EV space should be utilized. CLP has been advising carpark operators to limit the charging space for EV only.
Besides offering more charging stations for EV commuters, CLP has taken further steps to simplify the process for customers owning an EV to install their own charging facilities in the parking space. The company has liaised with property management offices of residential and commercial buildings to launch the "333 EV Power Supply Support" service making it much more convenient and shorten the application time. Once an application has been received, a representative will be dispatched within three working days to conduct a site inspection. Advice will be given on meter installation and assistance given to customer to access nearby power supply in the car park for easy installation. After the charging infrastructure has been completed by customer's own contractor, CLP staff will revisit the site again within three working days to complete the circuit connection and sub-meter installation if the completed work is according to their requirements.

We hope the initiatives CLP has taken can accelerate the EV growth and at the same time improve the convenience of customers installing their own private destination chargers which I believe is is the preference of many local EV owners.

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