Audi R8 e-tron battery

Audi R8 e-tron battery

Stefan Niemand, Audi's head of electromobility, has come to the conclusion that the German automaker is now playing catch up to the U.S.' only dedicated electric car manufacturer...Tesla.

At the Technical Congress of German automotive industry organization VDA, Niemand admitted that local manufacturers missed out on the chance to be first in the electric car segment, while at the same time praising Tesla for its vision. Quoting Niemand:

"We need awesome cars and a seamless infrastructure."

"I hate to admit it, but Tesla did everything right."

Additionally, Niemand, knocked on the efforts of most manufacturers who make low-range, low-performance electric cars:

“These cars are slower than those with conventional drive and they have a much lower range – and in compensation they are more expensive.”

Lastly, Niemand stated what most of us already know:

“Those who had ever driven electrically are lost for the internal combustion engine for all times."

Once you've gone electric, you can never go back...

Source: EE Times

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