Nissan LEAF in France

Nissan LEAF in France

Western Europe all-electric car sales continues to grow according to EagleAID.

After January saw an increase of 16.9% year-over-year, February increased by 37.7%.

Sadly, EagleAID treats growth at such a pace as not good enough (what else is new?) and compares it to late 2015 rush when growth was between 47.9% and 69.8%.

To us a 37.7% increase is pretty darn impressive, especially considering some the incentive pull-back headwinds for the first part of 2016 that many thought would see sales flatten for a time.  (We also note EagleAID is only referencing Western Europe in this report, and not the EV hotbeds found in the east)

We nonetheless pass on the obligatory comment from EagleAID attempting to continue to justify there long-standing negative sentiment on plug-in vehicle technology (despite the entire Euro plug-in segment being up some 93% in 2015):

"Signs that the outwardly encouraging fizz seen in Europe’s electric car market during the closing months of last year has fizzled out again since the start of this year comes from AID’s exclusive latest survey of West Europe’s electric car market

The sudden loss of steam, evident in both January and February, gives rise to AID’s downbeat view that this year’s European electric car market, barring the rumoured July introduction of electric car incentives in Germany, plus the renewed flare up of tempting purchase and use incentives in other markets, could end yet another year in the familiar wallflower position.

A sector made up in large part by a still small assortment of pricey also-rans

After a promising-looking brief interlude of buoyancy during last year's final 4th quarter, suggesting that European consumers’ lacklustre demand for today’s still pricey electric cars may finally give way to at least a moderate and sustainable pickup in registrations, since the start of this year these faint green shoots have started to wilt again, AID figures reveal."

Source: EagleAID

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