Nissan LEAF and CHAdeMO plug

Nissan LEAF and CHAdeMO plug

On March 23, the CHAdeMO Association announced that the 3,000 charger milestone had been reached in Europe.

"Operators are busy adding new chargers as we speak"

In total (as of press), there are now 3,028 points (most typically with an output of 20-50 kW), which is 28% of total 10,708 reported worldwide.

For some prospective on growth, four months ago it was 2,755.

In the case of Europe, a big, but unknown part of this number, are multi-standard chargers (which feature both CHAdeMO & CCS Combo).

"The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 10708.

-- (Japan 5960 Europe 3028 USA 1612 Others 108) last update 2016.03.23"

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