There was not much differences in the e-drivetrains of the Formula E cars.

Jaguar Formula E racer

Jaguar Formula E racer

But a recent vidoes shows that among the 9 teams (the 10th has now pulled of the competition for the current year) there are several different approaches on the inverter/motor/transmission, which could lead to advantages for the driver.

Depending on team, the cars use anywhere from single to five gear transmissions. In the case of a single reduction gear, there are also two motors - one on shaft to get high enough torque.

There is still no clear answer which solution is the best, although the two gear transmission (from Renault e.Dams) lead the team standings, followed by Dragon Racing (four gears), ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport (three gears) and DS Virgin Racing Formula E Team (single speed).

By the end of the season we should have a more definitive answer on the most optimized solution, but the unequal number of teams using particular solutions still makes comparisons difficult.

Formula E Cars - What Are The Differences?

Season 2 of Formula E saw the regulations opened up so that each team could develop its own motor, inverter and transmission. Remarkably, given that each team had the same task, the solutions are dramatically different. There are cars on the grid running everything from two motors and one gear to one motor with five gears, and virtually everything in between. Find out the differences between each team's drivetrain in this informative video.

Team standings after five rounds (out of 11):

1 Renault e.Dams
2 Dragon Racing
3 ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport
4 DS Virgin Racing Formula E Team
5 Mahindra Racing Formula E Team
6 Andretti Formula E Race Team
7 Venturi Formula E Team
8 Team Aguri
9 NEXTEV TCR Formula E Team


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