2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius

According to a Japanese site, we are getting a first look at the new plug-in hybrid Prius a couple days early (the car should debut this week in New York on Wednesday) which is of course based on the new Prius hybrid.

The previous generation of Prius plug-in had a 4.4 kWh battery, good for 11 miles EPA range (17.7 km EPA).  Unfortunately, the model ended production last June, which has left Toyota without a mainstream plug-in model to sell.

The new Prius PHV is reported to have twice longer range - up to 50 km JC08 (31 miles).

If accurate, in real world terms, we'd expect about a 20-21 miles (32 km) EPA rating (as the older model was rated at 26.4 km in Japan), which is basically in line with previous report from late 2015.

2017 Toyota Prius PHV (<a href=via port-car.akakagemaru.info)" draggable="false">

2017 Toyota Prius PHV (via port-car.akakagemaru.info)

Some other reported specs on the Prius:

  • Total length/width/height 4550 × 1770 × 1490 (mm)
  • Wheelbase 2700mm
  • Weight 1350kg
  • Engine:  2ZR-FXZ
  • A straight-four DOHC engine + motor
  • Maximum output of 77.2kW (105ps) / 5200 RPM
  • Maximum torque 147Nm (14.5kg.m) / 4000 RPM
  • Motor max output of 66.2kW (90ps)
  • Transmission electric CVT
  • fuel consumption 70km / L (JC08)
In Japan, the new Prius PHV could enter market in October, which is ahead of (oft-delayed, but recently revised) schedule of a late 2016/early 2017 arrival. We hope that the U.S. debut and sale will also be well under way before the end of the year.  We expect Toyota to fill us in on such details on Wednesday during the official release.

The new, larger battery will make the car heavier than regular Prius at 1,350 kg (2,976 lbs) compared to 1,280 kg (2,822 lbs) - some 150+ lbs.

source: sport-car.akakagemaru.info

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