Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Volkswagen is eager to see all-electric racing in the World Rallycross format - we can't disagree with their sentiment.

Representatives from the German manufacturer would like to see at least an electric class put in place, or maybe even replace the current top category to demonstrate advances in electric vehicles powertrain technology.

"Volkswagen is pushing for World and Global Rallycross Championship regulations"

VW's head of technology, Franck Welsch said:

“I can certainly imagine a championship done with all-electric cars. The races are around six minutes long, which allows for short, intense bursts of competition and then charging.

“Today these cars are super-powerful, have torque from hell and use all-wheel drive. Electric drivetrains could deliver that.

“If the championship moved that way it would be perfect for us. We are already in discussions with organisers to that effect.”

Demo of FIA World Rallycross Championship:

source: Autocar

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